FPRF welcomes research proposals to enhance current uses of rendered animal products, improve rendering processes, and develop new applications.  The Foundations key area of focus are livestock nutrition (including aquaculture), pet food nutrition, feed safety, sustainability, and novel technologies.

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Long Term View

Since our funds are limited, we desire to obtain as much information as possible from our research grants. Research objectives for rendered by-products should be directed toward solving a significant problem, improving product safety/quality, chemical or biological modifications to increase value or nutritional studies to improve their utilization in animal diets. Both proposals and pre-proposals will be considered by the FPRF research committee. Proposals are due March 15th for consideration at our spring meeting and September 15th for consideration at our fall meeting.

Near Term View

Recently, FPRF has focused work in aquaculture, swine, and poultry nutrition aiming directly at gaps in the current knowledge necessary for diet formulators, including critical work in nutritional characteristics of rendered products. Significant research funding has been dedicated to these nutrition studies. Other major subjects for study have been pet food and sustainability work. Any research institution can compete for these funds by submitting “at-large” proposals to FPRF.

The submission instructions and Request for Proposals are currently under review. Please email Dr. David Meeker with any questions.

General Grant Information

In recent years, FPRF has averaged approximately five at-large grants per year at a level of $45,000 each. FPRF does not have a recommended range or limit for grants, but budget and practicality are part of the evaluation.

FPRF has funded over 600 projects since 1962.

Research Status Reporting

Regular progress reports should be made every 6 months until the project is completed.

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