Membership in FPRF is encouraged for any individual, corporation, or company involved in rendering or associated industries. Members make an annual contribution to support research and Foundation activities.

Why Support the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation

Research funded by the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF) benefits all renderers and their industry partners. Your support helps to improve the products the rendering industry provides to customers in the U.S. and overseas.

FPRF is the research foundation of the North American rendering industry and also receives international support. FPRF engages with researchers to fund projects to enhance current uses of rendered animal products, improve technologies to make them, and develop novel applications.

Members are invited to FPRF events during the year for research updates and to direct future research. Participation and involvement are encouraged from all members.

Any individual, firm, partnership, corporation, foundation, trade association involved in the production, processing, sale, or related to the rendering industry are eligible for membership.

If you are interested in membership or would like more information, please email