FPRF welcomes research proposals to enhance current uses of rendered animal products, improve rendering processes, and develop new applications.  The Foundation’s key areas of focus are livestock nutrition (including aquaculture), pet food nutrition, feed safety, sustainability, and novel technologies.

Evaluation Criteria

An FPRF committee of industry representatives and scientists will evaluate proposals using these criteria:

  • Relevance and Originality – The proposal will be evaluated for its potential to make a major contribution to the existing body of knowledge. FPRF would like to know how the proposed new work will fill gaps in current information and can lead to improvements in operations, product safety, or to increase usage of rendered products.
  • Literature Review – We expect researchers to complete a thorough literature search to avoid unnecessary duplication, dead ends, or problematic methods.
  • Technical Merit and Feasibility – The proposed methodology should be clearly defined with respect to overall design, timeline, materials and research tools, sampling and analysis, etc. The objectives and scope of the study must be feasible with the proposed design, time, and resources.
  • Cost/Benefit – The potential benefit to the industry should justify the investment. Estimates of economic impacts of results should be provided along with marketing challenges.
  • Qualifications of Applicant(s) – The researcher(s) should have the academic qualifications, competence, and track record to undertake and complete the proposed research successfully. Demonstration of knowledge of current thinking, other experts, and needed data in the field will be an advantage, as will proposals that engage more than one location or university.
  • Budget – The budget should be itemized and realistic. It is an advantage if funding from other sources is available to support the work including in-kind support from the research institution.

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General Grant Information

In recent years, FPRF has averaged approximately five at-large grants per year at a level of $45,000 each. FPRF does not have a recommended range or limit for grants, but budget and practicality are part of the evaluation.

FPRF has funded over 600 projects since 1962.

Research Status Reporting

Regular progress reports should be made every 6 months until the project is completed.

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