April 8, 2022 – Dr. Craig Coon of the Four Rivers Kennel and University of Arkansas has finished the first of two projects funded by FPRF. This study provides extensive data exploring how higher levels of peroxide in pet foods have unfavorable palatability. Both the chemical composition and aromatic odor underwent significant directional changes correlated with the sample’s peroxide values. These changes are assumed to be driving the depressed palatability in samples with high peroxide values. In addition, specific compounds were identified with high correlation to a sample’s peroxide value. Investigation into these compounds has the possibility of increasing the understanding of oxidation’s chemical effect on the quality and structure of meat-derived meals.  Examination of the Peroxide Value correlated compounds is recommended to provide alternative quality control methods to quantify oxidation. In addition, further research at Four Rivers Kennel is currently being pursued to understand the health consequences of high peroxide values in rendered pet food.

If you would like to read Dr. Coon’s full report, contact Dr. David Meeker at dmeeker@nara.org.