Title: Replacement of Fish Meal with Mixed Rendered Animal Protein in Practical Diets for Siberian Sturgeon (Acipense baeri Brandt)

Principle Investigator: Min Xue

Year: 2007

Objective: 1) To evaluate a higher mixed rendered animal protein utilization level (75-100%) in diet for Siberian sturgeon on the growth performance, economical returns and somatotropic axis responsiveness to fish meal replacement.

2) Develop least-cost feed formulae for Siberian sturgeon.

Scientific Abstract:
The effect of rendered animal protein blend (APB, including meat & bone meal, MBM: 35%; poultry by-product meal, PBM: 40%; hydrolysed feather meal, HFM: 5%; spray dried blood meal, BM: 20%) as a partial or total replacement of fishmeal (FM) was studied in juvenile Siberia sturgeon (Acipenser baerii Brandt) in an eight-week growth trial. Six extruded experimental diets were formulated. 48.3% and 40% of fishmeal (FM) were used in control diets with crude protein at 40% and 36%, respectively. 75% or 100% of FM will be replaced by MP in other 4 diets, in which lysine, methionine, and threonine will be balanced under ideal protein concept by crystallized amino acid (Lys-H2SO4, 65 %;DL-Met. 98% and L-Thr. 98%), respectively. Accordingly the six diets were named as FM40, APB75-40, APBT-40, FM36, ABP75-36, ABPT-36, respectively. 0.1% of Yttrium oxide (Y2O3) as inner marker for digestibility determination was designed for nitrogen and phosphorus excretion. Fish body composition and serum somatotrpic axis hormone GH and IGF-I were determined. Substitution of 75% or 100% fishmeal with MP, either at dietary 40% CP or at dietary 36% CP, did not result in the decrease of the growth performance, feed efficiency, nitrogen retention and phosphorus retention (P>0.05), and did not affect the body or liver composition in Siberian sturgeon as well (P>0.05). As to the effects of dietary protein, Siberian sturgeon fed diets with the optimal protein level (40% CP) or with the sub-optimal protein level (36% CP) also showed the same growth performance, nitrogen retention and phosphorus retention, but the feed intake in 36% CP was higher than that in 40% CP, and the feed efficiency in 36% CP was lower than that in 40% CP(P<0.05). The results indicated that MP can be utilized by juvenile Siberia sturgeon up to 378.20g kg-1 to replace 100% of fishmeal protein under ideal amino acid concept with dietary 36% CP in this study.Publications:
Replacement of fish meal with blend of rendered animal protein in diets for Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii Brandt), results in performance equal to fish meal fed fish

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