Title: Metabolizable Energy Value of Meat and Bone Meal

Principle Investigator:

Year: 2002

Objective: 1) To determine the digestible and metabolizable energy values of a variety of samples of meat and bone meal for pigs.

2) Assess the variation in digestible and metabolizable energy content of meat and bone meal and develop robust regression equations that relate the variation to chemical composition.

Lay Summary/Industry Summary: We received twelve 150-lb samples of Meat and Bone Meals, and conducted analyses of these samples for gross energy (GE), dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP, N x 6.25), crude fat, calcium (Ca), and phosphorus (P).The P contents of all the 12 samples vary from 2 to 6%, Ca from 5 to 14% and crude protein vary from 46 to 61%.11,e percent ash and crude fat for the 12 samples vary from 19 to 35% and 8 to 15%, respectively. The metabolizable energy (ME) and nitrogen-corrected metabolizable ME,, of the 12 MBM samples ranged between 1,585 and 3,345 and 1,529 and 3,395 kcal/ kg dry matter. These results show that energy of MBM is related to its chemical attributes and MBM can be a good source of energy by replacing up to 10 % of corn and SBM in growing pigs’ diet.

Publications: Metabolizable energy value of meat and bone meal for pigs

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