Title: Phosphorus and Amino Acid Digestibility in Meat and Bone Meal Fed to Swine

Principle Investigator: Hans Stein

Year: 2010

Scientific Abstract:
 A total of 8 different commercial sources of meat and bone meal (MBM) have been received and used for this experiment. For the amino acid study, 9 growing barrows (initial BW: 25 kg, Genetiporc) were equipped with a T-cannula in the distal ileum and allotted to a 9 × 9 Latin square design with 9 diets and 9 periods in each square. The first 8 diets were cornstarch-based diets containing one source of MBM as the only AA containing ingredient and the last diet was a N-free diet that is used to measure the endogenous losses of AA. For the phosphorus digestibility experiment, a total of 72 growing pigs (initial BW: 18 kg) were randomly allotted to 9 dietary treatments using a randomized complete block design with 8 pigs per treatment. Eight of the diets contained one source of meat and bone meal as the only P-containing ingredient and the last diet was a P-free diet that is used to measure endogenous P losses. Samples of the different MBM sources and the experimental diets for both experiments have been collected and analyzed. Samples collected from the animals of both experiments have been collected, analyzed, and data have been summarized. A final report for the Pdigestibility experiment has been written. However, data from the amino acid digestibility experiment indicated that something was wrong with this experiment and the experiment, therefore, needs to be completed. We are currently in the process of doing that.



Digestibility of phosphorus and calcium in meat and bone meal fed to growing pigs

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